Juicer Recipes for Healthy Living

There are various reasons why a juicing diet has become so popular among people of across almost all ages in the world, especially the developed world. For some, it is about cleansing their system. Others choose this diet for weight loss. Others have special needs, for example, people who suffer from diabetes and fatty liver.

While there are numerous fresh juice outlets popping out in every city, most people prefer making their juices at home. This gives them the surety of the exact ingredients and how much of each is used. Besides, they are able to have a variety of recipes and can add flavors to wish. Some people prefer growing their own vegetables organically for example, and all they will need is a juicer of the blender and make their own juice.

Why a juice diet?juice-diet

Well, for whatever reason, a juicing diet will help your body in many ways. One of them is that your body gets loads of nutrients. You could obviously be missing on these nutrients before going the juicing way. The fiber from the juice helps in digestion and gives your digestive system a break from the usual load of breaking down a normal food.

At some point, the body needs to rest. After indulging in food and drinks during a holiday or the festive season, for example, a 7-10 days juice diet will give the body perfect rest. This way, the digestive system will be able to clear any clogging, and the body cells rejuvenated.

Who can do the juice diet?

Well, while this kind of a diet may be essential to all at some point, it is definitely not suitable for children. Besides, people who are under any medication may need to consult their doctors before getting into juicing diet. Expectant and nursing mothers too, should not do the juicing diet.

juicerecipRecipes for juice diet

There are several recipes for juice diet. You can decide to do a vegetable`s only juice, for example: cucumber, cabbage, and carrot; Kales, Ginger, Tomato; Red Cabbage, Carrot, Broccoli; Or a fruits-only diet, for example: mango, pineapple and ripe banana, or a mixture of fruits and vegetables at a certain ratio. While some people insist on an 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent fruits as good as weight loss, others recommend vice-versa for improving mental health.

Juicing Diet Equipment

You will need to invest in a powerful juicer if you want to exclusively extract juice from your ingredients. Alternatively, you can use a blender (to make a smoothie), which will give you the roughage and juice together. Often though, the blender will require adding water to your ingredients.

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