The manual wood router is often used in woodworking, this joinery tool is most practical in the manufacture of grooves, holes or decorative profiles and edge processing. In addition to various types of wood, the vertical model of the router can work on different metals and plastics, as well as plexiglass. So what is the best wood router you`ll get to know soon….

Choosing the best wood router

When choosing such a device it is necessary to remember that it consists of two fundamental elements: the base and the electric motor placed above it in a vertical position, which moves along the rods.

The depth of entry of the cutter in the source material is set by adjusting (height of the pin with a ruler) lifting mechanism. The gap between them will correspond to the plunging depth of the vertical submersible mill. Efficiency and speed of cut are directly dependent on the power and type of router.

For a household router, a power of about 700 W is sufficient; in case of choosing a professional router, it is necessary to consider a device with a capacity of approximately 2300 W, the device operation speed can reach 37,000 rpm.

Ergonomics and safety

The accuracy of each model depends largely on the ease of operation. Therefore, when choosing a tool, it makes sense to hold it in your hands, try twisting the knobs and levers. By power, the instrument is divided into three ranges: low power – up to 750 W, medium – up to 1100 W and large – more than 1200 W. The more powerful – the harder.

However, power is not the main selection criterion. Important components include the locking mechanism of the power button, protection against unintentional activation, an adapter for removing dust. See that the adapter for connecting the vacuum cleaner does not interfere, does not block the zone of visibility. This parameter is largely subjective since it depends on the specifics of the position of the master at work.

What’s included

As a rule, a professional tool is not equipped with cutters, since it is assumed that the master himself will choose the tool he needs. After all, each professional cutter, made of high-quality alloys, can cost as a whole set of household cutters.

But even the most modest set of professional tools includes:

  • copy sleeve.
  • lock.
  • adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner.
  • key to configure.

Models at the household level are often completed with a set of cutters for the most common operations so that the work of the house craftsman immediately argues. Agree, it is convenient, when there is something to choose from, you can try everything and adjust.

The use of a wood router

Frequently, these tools are produced for various narrow areas of work, for example, there is a model for tapping hinges – an excellent solution for craftsmen who are engaged in the production of interior doors.

Similarly, a narrow router, a manual edge router, a key router, and a highly specialized router on a tree can be considered as narrow-profile machines. The ease of use of the router also affects the design of the tool itself.

Specialists recommend to pay close attention to a number of points: the type of support platform, vertical guides (adjustment and smoothness), ease of adjustment device. If you have any questions when choosing a device, please contact the representatives of the store, they will advise you and help with the choice of the best router.